Blue Shimmer


Martingale dog collar. Beautiful shimmering jaquard ribbon with strong, soft and flexible polypropylene web lining. Welded hardware. Handmade to order within 5 business days, worldwide shipping. Only available in 2-inch width.



Martingale Dog Collar. Strong, soft and flexible, polypropylene webbing, with a shimmering jacquard ribbon trim. Welded hardware. Handmade to order within 5 business days. This collar is only available in 2-inch width.


Measure your dog’s neck around midway where the collar normally sits

S: 8″ – 11″
M: 11″ – 14″
L: 14″ – 18″
XL: 18″ – 22″

If you have any questions about sizing or need a certain size, just message us.


Martingale dog collars are designed for walking Sighthounds eg. greyhounds, whippets, lurchers, italian greyhounds, salukis, etc. Because their necks are larger than their head, they can slip or back out of traditional side release dog collars. When adjusted correctly a martingale collar will sit loosely on the dogs neck and gently close, without choking, if the dog pulls on the lead. More information can be found here here

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