Collar Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Martingale Collar?

Martingale dog collars are designed for walking Sighthounds eg. greyhounds, whippets, lurchers, italian greyhounds, salukis, etc. Because their necks can be wider than their head, they can slip or back out of traditional side release dog collars. When adjusted correctly a martingale collar will sit loosely on the dogs neck and gently close, without choking, if the dog pulls on the lead. Martingales can be used for other breeds too as a safety walking collar.

martingale collar

What is a Single Loop Collar?

A ‘Single Loop’ also known as a ‘Tag Collar’ or ‘House Collar’ are suitable for all breeds of dog. They expand to fit over the head, then adjust back down to fit the dog using the metal slider with no need for a side release buckle.


What is a Side Release collar?

Side Release dog collars are the type of collars you mainly see in pet shops. They are an adjustable collar with a side release buckle that clips together. We use contoured buckles for a more comfortable fit. For sizing measure around your dog’s neck where the collar sits comfortably.side release